CREDO Manicure and Pedicure Sets: The Practical Companions

Pedicure and Nail Care Sets as a Gift and on the Go
The CREDO pedicure and manicure sets contain all the essential instruments you need for extensive foot or hand care. Nail care and foot care sets from CREDO offer a high-quality selection of instruments for uncomplicated pedicures and manicures. From nail scissors and ceramic rasps to nail files and tweezers, all the important tools are ready to hand and safely stored, whether at home or on the go. Particularly suitable for putting a smile on the face of others, because CREDO manicure and pedicure sets are not only suitable for travel or quick use at home, but also as a gift.

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CREDO Manicure and Pedicure Sets

The perfect home for your CREDO products. The durable CREDO cases for pedicures and manicures, lovingly crafted down to the smallest detail, are available in genuine leather, cork, imitation leather or even in vegan silicone. All CREDO pedicure and nail care sets have a high-quality inner material that protects and securely encloses the beauty instruments they contain. Scissor blades retain their sharp tips and glass files don't break. The arrangement of the inner parts in the pedicure and manicure sets is optimised so that the valuable instruments are stored gently and do not lie on top of each other. The perfect organiser for your valuable pedicure and manicure instruments.

CREDO Nail Care Sets and Pedicure Sets

With the CREDO cases, you receive essential pedicure and manicure products from CREDO practically and safely packed in a sustainable and vegan silicone case, in robust imitation leather or in an attractive genuine leather case. On the road or at home, all your instruments are always perfectly sorted and ready to hand. CREDO nail care sets and foot care sets for the clever pedicure and manicure to go.

CREDO PopArt New Generation Nail Care Set

The 4-piece manicure set from the "New Generation" series captivates with its colours and the embossing, which is reminiscent of coarsely woven braiding. The exterior colour of the CREDO nail care set is reflected in the interior: Colour-coordinated loops and instruments in high quality. In more than 50 production steps, the CREDO nail scissors, 8cm, become a masterpiece of Solingen craftsmanship: Perfectly coordinated cutting edges shorten the nail without crushing or splintering it. The tweezers, 9cm, made of stainless steel, pluck even the finest hairs precisely. The glass file with etched surface on one side allows you to shape the nail edge, even of artificial and painted nails. The nail clipper with highly polished chrome coating forms the matching counterpoint to the colourful instruments. All instruments are carefully bedded in fine black velvet, which lines the inside of the leather case. The zip is also colour-coordinated with the colours of the case. Discreetly attached, the brand logo fitted on a metal plate on the outside testifies to the excellent quality of the instruments.

CREDO Professional Pedicure Case

The exclusive pedicure set for professionals in pedicure: High-quality black cowhide with hard-wearing zip, filled with the essential pedicure instruments made of stainless steel: CREDO Professional longitudinal planer, hollow file, excavator, chisel, nail file, tweezers, corner nippers, cuticle nippers. The set is ideal as a gift for beginners in podiatry. Like all our high-quality CREDO pedicure sets "Made in Solingen", Germany.

CREDO "PopArt" Pedicure Set

With a good mood effect: The bright CREDO pedicure case "PopArt" brings a smile to your face just by looking at it. The comprehensive set consists of 7 high-quality CREDO products that guarantee a perfect pedicure. The set includes cuticle nippers with a matt chrome finish, nail clippers made of stainless steel with a straight edge and nail catcher, slanted tweezers made of stainless steel, a sapphire file with a coarse and fine side, a CREDO Corn Cutter and the corresponding blades as well as a three-sided ceramic rasp. All instruments are colour-coordinated in the CREDO PopArt colours. Safely stored in a high-quality artificial leather-case with a convenient zipper.

CREDO Manicure Set "PopArt" Silicone

The CREDO "PopArt" manicure cases made of sustainable and vegan silicone are not only a real eye-catcher, but also particularly robust and resistant. The neon-coloured manicure sets come in different versions: 3-piece with curved nail scissors, sapphire file and cosmetic tweezers or 5-piece with curved nail and cuticle scissors with tower pointed-tip, sapphire file, cosmetic tweezers and cuticle trimmer. All silicone cases are securely closed with a push button. Practical and stylish: The very special nail care sets.

CREDO Maniküre Etui„Croc“ 7-teilig

Zeitloser Animal-Print, der Handpflege modisch macht: Hergestellt aus hochglänzendem taupe-farbenem Leder in Kroko-Prägung überzeugt nicht nur das Design des CREDO Maniküre Etuis „Croc“, sondern auch sein hochwertiger 7-teiliger Inhalt: Bestehend aus einer Nagelzange, Nagelschere und Hautschere mit matt-verchromter Oberfläche, einer schrägen Pinzette aus rostfreiem Edelstahl und einer Saphirfeile mit einer groben und einer feinen Seite, einem praktischen Doppelinstrument und einem Nagelhautmesser bleiben hier keine Wünsche für eine perfekte Maniküre offen. Mit zwei Druckknöpfen wird das hochwertige und widerstandfähige Leder-Etui sicher geschlossen.

CREDO "Travel" 3-pc. Manicure Case

Practical for travelling and the ideal companion for every bag: The 3-piece leather manicure cases from CREDO are little helpers when travelling. You can choose your favourite colour for the travel case from a colourful palette. The manicure set includes a pair of nail scissors with a curved blade, slanted nickel-plated tweezers and a sapphire file with a coarse and a fine side. The leather cases close with a clever magnetic closure. In your hand luggage, the practical nail care set can also be taken along on air travel without any problems.

CREDO 6-pc. Nail care Set

With this case from the "Gentlemen's" series, CREDO has created an all-rounder case that provides all the essential instruments for an extensive manicure. The 6-piece set made of high-quality, black-grained artificial leather includes two high-glossy chrome-plated nail clippers for strong toe-and finger-nails, a high-glossy nickel-plated 2-in-1 combination scissors, a sapphire file with one coarse and one fine side, a double instrument made of black plastic for cuticle care and a black-lacquered, slanted tweezer made of stainless steel. The practical set can be easily and securely closed with a zipper.

CREDO 5-pc. Manicure Case "Bianco

Small, handy and finished in elegant white leather: The compact CREDO manicure case "Bianco" consists of 5 essential tools for optimal nail care: Curved nail scissors and cuticle scissors with tower pointed tip in matt chrome, a sapphire file with one coarse and one fine side, slanted tweezers and a double instrument made of stainless steel for gently pushing back the cuticle and cleaning the underside of the nail edge. Matching the elegant design of the nail care set, the handle of the sapphire file and the double instrument are made of white plastic. With practical push-button closure.

CREDO Manicure-Set Gift Box

Give long-lasting pleasure with a high-quality CREDO pedicure or manicure set and pack it directly in our elegant case gift box. This way, your gift remains a surprise and the presentee can unwrap twice. Our logo on the gift box is sure to bring the first joy.

CREDO Maniküre Etui„Travel“ 2-teilig

Die absoluten Essentials in einem kleinen, eleganten Leder-Etui kompakt verstaut: Das 2-teilige Reise-Etui von CREDO besteht aus einer schrägen Kosmetikpinzette aus rostfreiem Edelstahl und einer Glasnagelfeile aus hochwertigem Sicherheitsglas. In schonendem Samt verpackt werden mit diesem Set unterwegs störende Härchen präzise entfernt oder ein abgebrochener, rauer Nagel schnell sanft gefeilt. Auch auf Flugreisen kann das praktische Set problemlos im Handgepäck mitgenommen werden. Jedes Etui ist mit den enthaltenen Instrumenten farblich harmonisch abgestimmt und schließt mit einem cleveren Magnetverschluss.