Are blisters on your feet causing you trouble? Does the shoe pinch?
Once the foot is affected, it can quickly interfere with everyday life. If you have a blister on your foot, there are special solutions that can help you immediately: The CREDO Comfort products. With a diverse selection of flat foot insoles, insoles, heel pads and cushions, CREDO counteracts to a wide variety of foot impairments such as blisters on the feet and much more. The latest gel technologies and innovative materials provide immediate relief for the feet. Whether heel, ball or toe: Thanks to their special design, the CREDO Comfort products help precisely where the shoe pinches. The non-slip insoles stay firmly in place for a comfortable and foot-well feeling all day long. Walk like on clouds - even in high shoes!

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The CREDO Comfort products:

For a Healthy Step

Non-slip, comfortable, practical: The high-quality CREDO Comfort products are everyday helpers for minor foot injuries, such as blisters on the feet, and provide targeted support where needed. With metatarsal pads, heel pads and toe spreaders, CREDO also offers efficient solutions for problem feet such as hallux valgus, flat feet or fallen arches. Whether flat foot insoles, insoles or heel pads: CREDO also meets special challenges of the feet.

Good to know: All CREDO Comfort products are reusable, durable and therefore sustainable. For you and for the environment.

CREDO Rounded Gel pads

The round gel pads from CREDO come in a practical 4-pack. Thanks to their small and compact size, they can be placed in the required areas of the shoe. The wafer-thin material of the gel pads is not bulky and ensures maximum wearing comfort. Soft gel has a pressure-absorbing effect and also protects your foot from unpleasant friction and blisters on the feet.

CREDO MagicHallux Toe Spreader "Day&Night" and "Night”

Shoes that are too tight, wearing high shoes, splayfeet, and weak connective tissue - all of these can cause Hallux Valgus (Bunion). The metatarsal bones move apart and the inside of the shoe presses against the bone of the big toe. When wearing pointed shoes, the big toe also rubs against the smaller toes. The CREDO MagicHallux toe spreader provides relief: MagicHallux "Day&Night" is a transparent gel cushion that encloses and protects the ball of the toe and gently spreads the big toe. Immediate pain relief and supportive correction of the foot malposition are the immediate results. The MagicHallux toe spreader "Night" has a fabric cover that provides special wearing comfort at night and prevents the gel cushion from slipping off. The toe spreaders can be used on the left and right.

CREDO Heel and Stocking Protector

The CREDO heel and stocking protector is used where high or new shoes often pinch: On the sensitive, thin skin of the heel. This skin is completely covered by the narrow and oblong shape of the protector. And with an innovative transparent gel technology, it is effectively protected from external influences, snugly and inconspicuously. The ultra-thin, soft material is not bulky and feels like a second skin. The CREDO heel protector is also available in soft leather, which covers uncomfortable areas in the shoe and ensures a high level of comfort when walking.

CREDO Shoe Insert Pads for Heel and Balls of the Foot

With the CREDO shoe insert pads, a comfortable step is guaranteed. The round gel pads protect the entire heel and ball area, preventing pressure when walking and blisters on the feet. Thanks to their wafer-thin shape, they fit into any shoe. The particularly soft, transparent gel technology supports the foot gently and unobtrusively. Therefore, everything is ready to go for extended party nights or long walks.

CREDO Medial Arch Support and Heel Pads

Even small misalignments of the feet can lead to discomfort throughout the body. The permanent, unbalanced strain radiates into the knees, hips or back. CREDO metatarsal and heel pads correct the foot position and relieve the foot. Depending on your needs, the CREDO metatarsal pad supports the typical natural arch of the foot. CREDO heel pads raise the heel and are particularly suitable for flat shoes without foot-supporting sole features. Available in sizes S and L.

CREDO Insoles

Maximum comfort for the whole foot: With the CREDO insoles, even tight pumps feel like comfortable sneakers. The insoles are made of soft foam that gently hugs the feet. The ball of the foot and heel area are gently supported by additional padding, ultra-thin and unobtrusive. Thanks to their self-adhesive side, they adhere reliably and do not slip. Available in elegant black and individual shoe sizes.

CREDO 5-Toe Toe Spreader “Relax”

The CREDO 5-toe toe spreader "Relax" is the perfect relief after a night of dancing or for heavily loaded feet and provides noticeable relaxation. It gently stretches and stimulates the toes. Malpositioned toes, especially hammer or drum toes, are gently counteracted. It is made of durable and skin-neutral silicone and can therefore be easily pulled over the toes. Additionally, practical: It can also be used as a nail polishing aid.