Is your shoe causing pressure?
Is there a boil or blister causing you foot pain?

With your foot in pain, everyday life can be filled with strife. Once blisters have formed on your foot, there are special solutions that can provide instant relief: Credo Comfort Products. With a wide assortment of tailor-made insoles, heel pads and cushions, Credo provides relief for the most diverse afflictions. Cushions made of the latest gel technology, soft silicone or supple foam relieve the foot and reduce the feeling of pressure. Whether heel, ball, or toe: Credo Comfort products use their special design to relieve the foot exactly where the shoe causes pressure. The non-slip insoles remain firmly in place for a comfortable and safe feeling throughout the day. It’s like walking on clouds – even in high shoes!

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Credo Comfort Assortment:

For a Healthy Step

Non-slip, comfortable, practical: high-quality Credo Comfort products are the ideal companions in any situation and help where they are needed. With mid-foot arch pads, heel pads, toe caps and toe spreaders, Credo also offers efficient solutions for problem feet such as hallux valgus, fallen arches or flat feet.

Good to know: All Credo Comfort Products are washable, reusable and therefore also especially durable and sustainable. For you and the environment.

Credo Rounded Gel Support

Credo's Rounded Gel Supports come in a practical 4-pack. Due to their small and compact size, they can be placed in the exact spots in the shoe where it is needed. The wafer-thin material of the gel supports does not cause friction on your foot and ensures maximum wearing comfort. The soft gel has a pressure-absorbing effect and also protects your foot from unpleasant friction.

Credo MagicHallux Toe Spreader
“Day & Night” and “Night”

A Hallux Valgus, or Bale Toe, causes several problems: The inward pressed big toe rubs on the smaller toes while the shoe presses on the balls of the foot. Credo MagicHallux Toe Spreaders promise a remedy: MagicHallux “Day & Night” is a transparent gel cushion that encloses the toe ball and protects and gently spreads the big toe. Reduction of pain is immediate and supports the correction of the foot misalignment. The MagicHallux Toe Spreader “Night” has a fabric coating, which is used at night for a special comfort and prevents the gel cushion from slipping. Toe Spreaders are applicable on the left and right.

Credo Heels Protection and Stocking Protection

Credo heel protection and stocking protection is used where high-ankle shoes or new shoes often press on the sensitive, thin heel skin. Due to its narrow and elongated shape, the heel is completely protected. The novel, transparent gel technology is particularly cuddly and inconspicuous. The ultra-thin, soft material does not wear and feels like a second skin. Credo heel protection is also available in soft leather, which sticks on unpleasant spots in the shoe and ensures a high level of walking comfort.

Credo heel cushions and shoe pads

With Credo Heel Supports and Shoe Inserts, a comfortable, stable step is guaranteed. The rounded gel supports protect the entire heel and bale area and thus prevent a feeling of pressure when running. Through their wafer-thin shape, they fit into any shoe. The particularly soft, transparent gel technology supports your foot gently and unobtrusively. Therefore, staying a few hours later at parties and going on long walks is no longer a problem.

Credo Midfoot Arch and Heel Supports, Sizes S/L

Even small misalignments of the feet can lead to discomfort throughout the body. The permanent, unbalanced load distributes itself throughout your knees, hips, and back. Credo Midfoot Arch and Heel Supports correct the foot position and relieve the foot. Depending on your needs, Credo Midfoot Arch Supports align to the typical natural curvature of the foot. Credo Heel Supports increase the heel and are particularly suitable for flat shoes without foot-supporting sole properties. Available in sizes S and L.

Credo Insoles

Maximum comfort for the entire foot: With Credo insoles, even tight high heels feel like comfortable sneakers. The insoles are made of soft foam, gently snuggling your feet. Ball- and heel areas are both gently supported by an additional padding. The ultra-thin, inconspicuous material adapts to your foot without narrowing the shoe. Through their self-adhesive side, they stay in place and do not slip. Available in elegant black and various shoe sizes.

Credo 5-Toe Toe Spreader “Relax”

When tight shoes with toes that rub against each other become a strain, the Credo 5-Toe Toe spreader "Relax" is used. The toe spreader, made of soft medical silicone, adapts to every foot due to its unique shape and guarantees maximum wearing comfort. With regular use, the toes are gently moved into their natural position. Pain caused by pressure and friction is relieved in the long term and sustainably. The toe bar can also be worn in shoes due to its precisely fitting shape, and also be used as a nail polishing aid.