CREDO Manicure Tools for perfectly groomed Hands and Nails

Well-groomed hands and flawless nails that inspire!
The Credo Manicure Range includes all tools for daily hand and nail care. In the well-known Credo top quality, our cuticle scissors and nail scissors cut precisely and effectively. The assortment contains a large selection of nail care tools that are optimally adapted to your needs and perfect your nails. Whether nail care for on the go or at home, natural nail care or the manicure of artificial nails, the wide product range from Credo reliably meets the most diverse needs. All Credo manicure products guarantee perfect results with uncomplicated handling.

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The CREDO Manicure Products:

High-Quality Nail Care for Everyone

All CREDO Manicure Tools meet the highest quality standards and are particularly durable and sustainable. CREDO develops manicure tools for nail care for all needs. Many products in the range are matt chrome-plated and nickel-free and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. Especially for the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders, CREDO has created the Diabetics product range with rounded tips that minimise the risk of injury. Diabetics product range with rounded tips that protect against injury. with rounded tips that protect against injury.

CREDO Nail and Cuticle Scissors

Carefully ground scissors for precise cutting or trimming: Even hard nails can be effortlessly shortened with CREDO nail scissors. The cuticle scissors with their fine tips are so precisely ground that they reach into the smallest corners of the cuticle to shape it cleanly and precisely. The scissors are each available with curved cutting edges, which make it easy to shorten the typical fingernail shape, or with a tower pointed tip, which transforms the nail scissors into 2-in-1 combination scissors: The fine tip trims the cuticles precisely, while the powerful cutting edges shorten even the hardest nails. Made of anti-allergic, stainless steel or with a matt chrome or high-glossy nickel plating and available in colourful CREDO PopArt designs. CREDO also thinks of the little ones when it comes to nail care: The chrome-plated CREDO children's scissors with safety tip cut soft fingernails quickly and gently.

CREDO Nail and Polishing Files

CREDO offers a wide range of manicure tools with a comprehensive selection of nail and polishing files as well as a 4-fold polishing block for fine finishing of the nails and for sealing the nail plate for a shiny result. The CREDO sapphire file is the classic among the files with one coarse-grained and one fine-grained side. CREDO glass and ceramic nail files are well suited for brittle and thin nails, as filing seals the nail edge and prevents splintering. The CREDO 4-fold polishing block has three different fine-grained sides for smoothing the nail surface and one side for gently polishing the nails. For nails with a natural shine that look as if they have been treated with transparent nail polish. The CREDO ceramic and glass nail files are anti-allergic and particularly hygienic. In various designs and sizes, a perfect companion in nail care.

CREDO Nail Clippers with Curved Cutting Edge

The CREDO nail clippers from our range of CREDO manicure tools are ideal companions for shortening fingernails quickly and precisely. The perfectly coordinated, curved cutting edges shorten the nail without squeezing or splintering it. Ideal for both right-handed and left-handed use. The nail clippers from the CREDO PopArt line have a practical nail catcher that hygienically catches cut nails. In classic stainless steel or high-gloss or matt chrome-plated. Anti-allergic and nickel-free.

CREDO Tweezers

Perfectly shaped in fashionable designs with the densely ground tips pluck even the finest hairs or splinters without breaking them off. The ergonomic handle ensures that the tweezers fit perfectly in the hand. The smooth-running spring mechanism makes working uncomplicated and easy. Available with slanted, straight, bent or pointed tips. For precise removal of small hairs, splinters or small jobs such as applying artificial eyelashes. Available in stainless steel, matt chrome and high-gloss nickel-plated.

CREDO Manicure Instruments

Specialised manicure tools for optimal nail care down to the smallest detail: The CREDO instruments round off your nail care and, thanks to their special design, reach even the smallest part of the nail. The tips of the CREDO cuticle trimmers are made of a forged stainless steel part in Germany and remove excess cuticles specifically and safely. They are available in the unique PopArt design or in apricot. To gently push back the cuticles, there is the CREDO hoof stick with a rubber hoof, the CREDO rosewood stick, or the CREDO ceramic cuticle eraser, depending on your preference. All instruments have a tip on the opposite side, which can be used to gently remove impurities from under the edge of the nail.