Gentle care and safe use:
Credo Diabetics product line includes manicure and pedicure products that are especially developed to the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders. All products in the line have a rounded safety tip and are free of any sharp corners and edges to prevent injury during application. Use Credo Diabetics for safe and effective hand and foot care.

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Credo Diabetics

Take care of yourself beautifully – gently and safe

The diverse Credo Diabetics product line includes all the tools for the extensive professional care of the hands and feet. From nail clippers and nail scissors to corneal rasps, our products always guarantee a perfect manicure and pedicure. All Credo Diabetics products are also matte chrome-plated , nickel-free, and therefore suitable for allergy sufferers. With Credo’s usual high quality, all products in the Diabetics line are especially durable and sustainable. All tools deliver perfect results even after long periods of sustained use, like on the day you bought them.

With the Diabetics product line, Credo makes manicure and pedicure as safe as possible. For their own safety, individuals with diabetes and hemophiliacs should nevertheless consult their doctor before use.

Credo Diabetics Nail Clippers and Skin Nippers

With Credo Diabetics nail clippers and skin nippers, firm, resistant nails and fine cuticles can be cut gently and safely. The special spring mechanism and ergonomic handles guarantee easy handling. The rounded safety tips minimizes the risk for injury.

Credo Diabetics Toenail Scissors and Nail Scissors

Powerful, precise cuts and a guaranteed, safe application – this is the hallmark of the Credo Diabetics toenail scissors and nail scissors. Even the hardest nails can be cut effortlessly. The ergonomic shape ensures easy handling and the rounded tips make the application particularly safe.

Credo Diabetics Nail Clippers

The practical companion on the go: Credo Diabetics Nail clippers reliably cut any hard nail without much effort and are safe to use thanks to rounded corners. The special spring mechanism guarantees easy handling.

Credo Diabetics Tweezers

The Credo Diabetics tweezers can grip small hairs tightly and precisely and is absolutely safe to use. The precise tips grip each hair exactly and without breaking it off. The specially designed, rounded safety tips prevent accidental injury to the skin when plucking

Credo Diabetics Ceramic File

A must-have for optimal manicure tooling is the Credo Diabetics Ceramic file. Made from one piece, the ceramic file is particularly robust and ensures, through its 3-sided surface - fine, medium and coarse - for a gentle filing of nails. Due to the fine gradation of the grain size, the ceramic file is designed for every type of nail and therefore also suitable for brittle and thin nails. The nail edge is sealed through the homogeneous structure of the ceramic surface which makes your nails very resistant. Its rounded shape makes the ceramic file particularly safe to use. With a practical protective cover, Credo Diabetics Ceramic file is the perfect on-the-go companion.

Credo Diabetics Duo Ceramic Rasp and Duosoft Foot File

The Credo Diabetics Duo Ceramic Rasp and Duosoft Foot File provides coarse and fine sides for the perfect pedicure. With its coarse side, corns are safely and effectively removed while the fine side brings out soft, delicate skin. Due to ergonomic handles, they lie well in hand and guarantee optimal results.

Credo Diabetics Pedicure Glass Nail File

Simple, classic, but particularly high-quality and robust: Credo Diabetics Pedicure Glass Nail File is an all-rounder for perfect nail care. Made of special safety glass, the nail file is break-resistant and therefore very safe to use. The special length makes the filing of toenails simple and effective. Through the micro-fine surface of the glass file, nails are gently smoothed and brittle nails are firmed.

Credo Diabetics Pedicure Stone

The tried and tested Pedicure Stone is a classic in foot care. Equipped with a coarse and a fine side, the Pedicure Stone removes corns and leaves smooth skin behind. The inorganic cell structure of the stone is absolutely hygienic, germ- and odor-free and guarantees safe application without risk for injury.