Credo Profi-Line

Professional Pedicure and Manicure Instruments for Flawless Results

Trust only the best for your customers.
In our hand and foot care products from the Credo Profi-Line product line, we combine best handling and use with incredible durability and flawless results. Ultra-sharp blades with the Credo brand name make your work easier and make for pleasant and effective application in your crafty hands.

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Credo Profi-Line Corns Remover

Highest functionality and perfect elegance in one product: The Credo Profi-Line corns longitudinal remover and cross planes are perfectly suited to remove thick corns in a targeted and efficient manner. In professional hands, the ultra-sharp blades glide over the skin to be processed and leave a flawless result. The “longitudinal plane” got its name because of its type of application: it is used “longitudinal” to its handle. The “cross plane” is used “cross-wise” to its handle. The perfect coordination between the blade, the holder and the slider guarantees safe working and handling, as the worn skin layer does not exceed a certain thickness level. The cross plane is the ideal instrument for podiatrists who want to combine the safety of maximum planing thicknesses with the application technique of a scalpel. For the fine post-processing of the skin, the Credo Profi-Line Corns removers include a rasp clip that can be easily attached to the holder. The corn planes are made of stainless stainless steel and sterilizable in an autoclave.

Credo Profi-Line Skin Tweezers

The Credo Profi-Line skin tweezers are used in different designs and lengths for different treatment options. The pliers are available in a mounted and inserted version with 10 cm or 11.5 cm length and 1/1 or 1/2 cutting length. They cut the cuticle precisely and reach even the smallest, hard-to-reach areas through their specially shaped tips. The unique spring mechanism and ergonomic handles ensure particularly easy handling and use. A special feature among the Credo skin tweezers is the skin tweezers in a scissor design, with a length of 8.5 cm and a cutting length of 1/1: it combines the function of the skin tweezers with the application type of scissors. All Credo Profi-Line skin tweezers are made of stainless steel.

Credo Profi-Line Corner Nippers

Das ideale Werkzeug zur professionellen Behandlung eingewachsener Zehennägel: Die Credo Profi-Line Eckenzangen aus rostfreiem Edelstahl schneiden problemlos und sorgfältig eine gerade Nagelkante, die dem Nagel das Einrollen erschwert. Durch den spitzen Zulauf und die extra eingeschliffene Form können die Zangen gezielt auch kleinste und schwer zugängliche Nagelstellen erreichen. Die Zangenschneiden der Eckenzangen sind „durchgesteckt“, wodurch ein gleichmäßiger Druck bei der Anwendung ausgeübt wird. Die Eckenzangen sind in 10 cm, 11,5 cm und 13 cm Länge erhältlich und für Linkshänder so wie Rechtshänder gleichermaßen einsetzbar. Die Zangen gibt es mit klassischer Schneide, eingeschliffen, extra eingeschliffen und abgerundet und kann als solche auch bei Diabetikern eingesetzt werden. Eingeschliffene und extra eingeschliffene Zangen sollten aufgrund ihrer filigranen Form nicht zum Kürzen der Nagelkante eingesetzt werden, sondern nur für das Herausschneiden eingewachsener Fußnägel.

Credo Profi-Line Dressing Scissors

The Credo Profi-Line dressing scissors made of stainless steel reliably cuts bandages and other dressing material without sticking. Old bandages can be removed easily and safely. With a length of 13 cm and long, ergonomically shaped handles, the dressing scissors are optimally in the hand for a simple, professional application.

Credo Profi-Line Head Cutters

An absolute must-have in professional foot care is the Credo Profi-Line head cutter. As the name implies, the head cutter is specially designed for the application from the front, from the “head side”, and therefore ideally suited for customers or patients seated opposite from you. The Credo head cutter cuts even the hardest and most stubborn nails effortlessly and meticulously. It is made from stainless steel; its length is 14 cm with a cutting length of 1/1, 1/2 or 1/4. The ergonomic handles and the sophisticated cross-spring mechanism ensure easy handling and practical snap-in safety protects the high-quality instruments during transport. Suitable for left-handed and right-handed people alike.

Credo Profi-Line Pedicure Pliers

The all-rounder in professional foot care is the Credo Profi-Line Pedicure Pliers. Forged from the finest stainless steel, the 13 cm long pliers reliably cut even firm toe nails. The ergonomic handles are optimally located in the hand and the cross-spring mechanism ensures easy opening and closing. The integrated locking barrier secures the valuable pedicure pliers during transport.

Credo Profi-Line Instruments

The comprehensive product line of Credo Profi-Line instruments includes all essential tools for professional manicure, cosmetics sector and for podiatry. The double-sided Credo Profi-Line blackhead remover is ideal for treating and cleaning the facial skin. A qualitative selection of double instruments, cuticle sliders, cuticle knives and cuticle trimmers treat and clean nail and cuticle gently. For precise work in nail folds, the product line also includes hollow chisels, corner files, excavators, double-sided spoons and one-sided nail fold cleaners. All Credo Profi-Line instruments are made of high-quality stainless steel and sterilizable. Perfect, effective tools for professionals.

Credo Profi-Line Tweezers

The Credo Profi-Line tweezers can be used in many different ways and always convince with their precise tips, which guarantee a precise access. All tweezers are forged in stainless steel and have a handy length of 9 cm. Depending on the need with a straight or oblique tip for larger-area work or in a pointed design for the targeted access of very fine hairs and for the removal of shards. As a refined 2-in-1 product, one of the Credo Profi-Line tweezers is provided with a practical brow brush that brushes the brows directly into shape after treatment.

Credo Profi-Line Nail Files

For professional manicure as well as pedicures, the Credo Profi-Line product line offers a wide product line of nail files for various nail types and applications. The grain varies between 100 and 240 for artificial nails and between 280 and 320 for very soft, brittle nails. As a practical 2-in-1 product there is a nail file & buffer with integrated cuticle slider made of stainless steel.