Long before CREDO made a name for itself in pedicure and manicure, the company's founder Gustav Kracht patented a new type of can opener with a gearwheel abutment and lever device in 1912. His desire to simplify everyday life through innovative and practical household instruments and user-friendly body care products was the driving force behind his strong inventive and pioneering spirit. On January 1st,1924, he founded a company for high-quality steel goods: CREDO, and the success story took off. Only a short time later, CREDO not only attracted attention with innovative inventions for the household. The company entered the world of pedicure products with the invention of the corn cutter. To this day, it stands for innovation from CREDO. Can opener and corn cutter - two practical everyday helpers made by CREDO.

In the following decades, as intensive body and beauty care became more and more important, the company's versatile product range in pedicure and manicure also developed - always with an orientation towards the needs of the body- and health-conscious people of tomorrow. Trends were followed and set, revolutionary visions were transformed into high-quality products and finally taken out into the whole world.

Our pioneering spirit and quality standards have not changed since then - but many other things have: We have been able to simplify tedious processes, use the most modern systems and techniques to stay one step ahead of global quality standards with our pedicure and manicure products. We are immensely happy about this development and all the experience we can benefit from today. We are proud of our history and our products that enrich our lives and those of many others. We are grateful, that you and we, can remain faithful to each other in the future with a clear conscience. Our "CREDO" for CREDO is and remains: Quality first.

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The CREDO Feelgood Manufacture

CREDO - Our manufactory for your pedicure and manicure
Feelgood products from the corn cutter to the nail clipper

This is where our high-quality products for your pedicure and manicure are created - for your well-being.

CREDO Quality Standard

The implementation of the high CREDO quality standards has accompanied the manufacturing process of our pedicure and manicure products from the initial idea to the creation of the finished product since 1924. Each individual production step is accompanied by the utmost care and precision. This ensures the special stability and durability of our pedicure and manicure products. This means that all articles shipped from CREDO to over 60 countries worldwide can rightly bear the CREDO logo.

Product Ideas

New product ideas, for which our family business is renowned, can be quickly and accurately realised here and put through their paces. Only when every detail of our pedicure and manicure products meets the high CREDO requirements does it go into mass production and may finally touch your hands and feet.

Production in Germany

Der Produktionsstandort in Deutschland ist und bleibt das Herzstück unseres Unternehmens, von dem aus 45 Mitarbeiter national und international für unsere CREDO Produkte aktiv sind, sie konstruieren und weiterentwickeln.