We are CREDO, a family business from Solingen with tradition, the highest quality standards for our products and trend-setting innovations in the fields of pedicure and manicure.

The CREDO Philosophy

A good body awareness thanks to sustainable
products for your body positivity

For almost 100 years, CREDO stands for quality, reliability and trend-setting ideas in the fields of pedicure and manicure. As a responsible innovator, we also see it as our duty to commit ourselves to sustainability and to support the Body Positivity movement. We are happy to do so. Because from the initial idea to the mass production of our CREDO products, we are passionate about what we do and, above all, about our customers. We want beauty instruments for professional foot care and manicure from CREDO to achieve great things - in a high-quality and sustainable way.

Pro – Body Positivity with CREDO

Body Positivity stands for a healthy mind in a healthy body. It stands for a natural beautiful look thanks to a healthy and well-being, for which we can achieve a lot with our high-quality CREDO products. CREDO products are designed to address all factors of well-being and thus contribute to a positive body feeling.

User-friendly Tools for Everyday Life

We are aware that everyday human life can be characterised by restrictions, obligations and stress. That moments of preoccupation with one's own well-being and physical relaxation are becoming increasingly valuable. But no matter whether it has to be done quickly or you can devote yourself to your body care in a completely relaxed way: CREDO products for pedicure and manicure are available in an extensive range and tailored to the most diverse needs, but always in high quality and with the best result for your well-being.