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For Perfect Results in Hand and Foot Care

CREDO stands for innovative and high-quality pedicure and manicure tools. Pedicure and hand care quite uncomplicated and simple. With colourful professional beauty care instruments for pedicure and manicure that bring colour, quality and best results into play. All CREDO products have been developed with the highest standards of quality and user-friendliness. From pedicure accessories and manicure instruments to facial care tools and high-quality tools for podiatrists and chiropodists. Innovative designs, a diverse selection of pedicure and manicure tools and quality "Made in Solingen, Germany" - this is the colourful world of CREDO.

Quality First

Blade competence since 1924

Tradition, inventiveness and pioneering spirit - that's what CREDO has been about for almost 100 years. Top quality does not come from nowhere and not by chance. It begins in the mind with an innovative idea. It develops further with a lot of commitment and finally becomes tangible with precise product planning and quality implementation. With many years of expertise and future-oriented thinking, CREDO has become a constant in the pedicure and manicure industry and continues to focus on innovative products and unique designs. In doing so, we do not stand still, but are constantly developing our product world in pedicure and manicure. We are always finding new ways to optimise our beauty helpers to meet your needs. Always with the aim of putting the best CREDO result in your hands.


For almost 100 years, CREDO stands for innovative products and inventiveness.

Product diversity

Our selection of high-quality beauty helpers is varied and colourful.


CREDO stands for the highest precision in manufacturing and great results.


Pioneering spirit and always new ideas ensure an exciting product world.

CREDO goes Green

– for the sake of our environment

Long-lasting, sustainable and high-quality: This is what all pedicure and manicure products from CREDO stand for. A long usability and the production of our products from sustainable raw materials are close to our hearts. With the CREDO Go Green initiative, we consistently go one step further and have developed a product range whose recyclable handles are made exclusively from sustainable sugar cane. In this way, we are moving step by step towards a more sustainable future.


CREDO Profi-Line

The professional range for beauty professionals

Professional products for professional use: Trust only the best on behalf of your customers. With the quality seal "Made in Solingen, Germany" and our name, we stand for a high-quality range of beauty tools for use in pedicures and manicures. Durability and ease of use are an integral part of the CREDO Profi-Line range and, above all, ensure uncomplicated application. The selection of high-quality beauty helpers is large. Whether CREDO Profi-Line callus planes with ultra-sharp blades, high-quality nail files, corner nippers, cuticle nippers or head cutters: Our comprehensive range of special instruments will accompany you professionally.

CREDO Profi-Line

CREDO Comfort

The CREDO Solution for Foot Problems

Turn your attention to your feet and discover a wide range of solutions for various foot problems with our extensive CREDO Comfort range. From heel and ball cushions and many other little helpers, CREDO Comfort ensures that you can say goodbye to aching feet. Even for medical foot malpositions such as hallux valgus, blisters or corns, there are many product solutions in the CREDO Comfort range that can relieve your foot and thus your entire body.

CREDO Comfort
Credo Solingen, Maniküre, Pediküre, Gesichtspflege, Diabetiker, Etuis. Comfort, produkte,, Profi-Line Credo
Credo Solingen, Maniküre, Pediküre, Gesichtspflege, Diabetiker, Etuis. Comfort, produkte,, Profi-Line Credo

CREDO Diabetics

Products especially for the needs of diabetics

Our products also meet special challenges with special solutions. For example, we have developed CREDO Diabetics products, which minimise the risk of injury thanks to their rounded safety tips and are therefore perfectly suited to the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders.


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Credo Solingen, Maniküre, Pediküre, Gesichtspflege, Diabetiker, Etuis. Comfort, produkte,, Profi-Line Credo
Credo Solingen, Maniküre, Pediküre, Gesichtspflege, Diabetiker, Etuis. Comfort, produkte,, Profi-Line Credo