Foot Care and Hand Care for Diabetics

Foot care and hand care for diabetics require special products.
The CREDO Diabetics range contains pedicure and manicure products that have been specially developed to meet the needs of diabetics and haemophiliacs. All products in the range have a rounded safety tip and are free from any sharp corners and edges to prevent injuries during use. Whether nail scissors with a round tip or other specially developed products: Our CREDO products also ensure safe and effective hand and foot care for diabetics.

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CREDO Diabetics

CREDO Diabetics: Tools for Diabetics to Safely Care for Hands and Feet

The diverse CREDO Diabetics range includes all tools for professional hand and foot care, especially for diabetics. From nail nippers to nail scissors and callus rasps, the products in the Diabetics line guarantee a perfect pedicure and manicure. All CREDO Diabetics products are matt chrome-plated, nickel-free and therefore also suitable for allergy sufferers. In the well-known CREDO quality, all products from the Diabetics range are particularly long-lasting and sustainable. Thus, all tools deliver perfect results as on the first day, even after a longer period of use. Uncomplicated hand and foot care for diabetics.

With the Diabetics range, CREDO makes pedicures and manicures as safe as possible. For their own safety, however, diabetics and haemophiliacs should consult their doctor before first use.

CREDO Diabetics Nail and Cuticle Nippers

CREDO Diabetics nail and cuticle nippers with a round tip ensure that the risk of injury is minimised. CREDO Diabetics nail and cuticle nippers can be used to gently and safely trim strong, resistant nails and fine cuticles. The special spring mechanism and the ergonomic handles of the nippers guarantee easy handling. The round safety tip minimises the risk of injury.

CREDO Diabetics Toenail and Nail Scissors

Nail scissors with round tips are specially designed to meet the special requirements of diabetics. The rounded tips make them particularly safe to use. In addition, the ergonomic shape of the CREDO toenail and nail scissors ensures easy and uncomplicated handling. A powerful, precise cut and guaranteed safe use - that is what makes CREDO Diabetics toenail and nail scissors so special. Even the hardest nails can be shortened effortlessly. With all the quality features of CREDO, the CREDO Diabetics toenail and nail scissors are specially designed for the needs of diabetics.

CREDO Diabetics Nail Clippers

CREDO Diabetics nail clippers reliably clip off any nail, no matter how hard, without much effort and are safe to use thanks to their rounded corners. The special spring mechanism guarantees easy handling.

CREDO Diabetics Tweezers

The CREDO Diabetics tweezers pluck small hairs firmly and precisely and are absolutely safe to use. The precision-fit tips ensure that every hair is reached precisely and without breaking off. Specially designed, rounded safety tips prevent accidental injury to the skin when plucking.

CREDO Diabetics Ceramic File

A must-have for optimal manicure equipment is the CREDO ceramic file for diabetics. Made from one piece, the ceramic file is particularly robust and its 3-sided surface structure - fine, medium and coarse - ensures gentle filing of the nails. It can be used in back and forth movements. Can be used on natural, artificial and polished nails. Due to the precise gradation of the grain, the ceramic file is ideally suited for every type of nail, even for brittle and thin nails. The nail edge is sealed by the homogeneous structure of the ceramic surface, making the nails very resistant. Its round shape makes the ceramic file particularly safe to use. With a practical protective cover, the CREDO ceramic file is also the perfect companion when travelling.

CREDO Diabetics Duo Ceramic Rasp and DuoSoft Foot File

Foot care for diabetics: Simple and uncomplicated. The CREDO Diabetics Duo ceramic rasp and DuoSoft foot file provide the perfect pedicure with a coarse and a fine side. The coarse side removes calluses safely and effectively, while the fine side reveals soft, delicate skin. The ergonomic handles fit comfortably in the hand and guarantee optimal results.

CREDO Diabetics Pedicure Glass Nail File

Simple, classic, but particularly high-quality and robust: The CREDO Diabetics pedicure glass nail file is an all-rounder for perfect nail care. Made of special safety glass and with a rounded tip, the glass nail file is safe for use by diabetics in pedicure. The special length of 200 mm makes filing the toenails more accessible and effective. The micro-fine surface of the glass nail file gently smoothes nails and strengthens brittle nails.

CREDO Diabetics Pedicure Stone

The well-tried pedicure stone is a classic in foot care. Thanks to the CREDO Diabetics Pedicure Stone, it also plays a role in foot care for diabetics. Equipped with a coarse as well as a fine side, the pedicure stone targets even firm calluses and gently removes them. The inorganic cell structure of the stone is absolutely hygienic, germ- and odour-free and guarantees safe application without risk of injury. Beneficial for your feet and a real contribution to environmental protection: Because our CREDO Diabetics pedicure stone is completely free of microplastics.