Credo stands for sustainability and longevity.
For this reason, there are replacement parts for many products from the Credo Pedicure product line so that you can always take advantage of the high-quality Credo instruments and enjoy your product for a long time. This way, you will enjoy your product for a long time. Remove, plug-in, get started: Credo replacement blades and replacement filing surfaces are easily and hygienically interchangeable. A practical replacement set is available so that your Credo manicure or pedicure product is just like the first day you’ve used it. Don't settle for less in your hand and foot care -- trust in the high quality of Credo products.

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Credo Replacement Parts Product Line

Replaceable Blades and Filing Surfaces
for Selected Credo Pedicure Products

Durable, sustainable, high-quality: attributes that distinguish Credo products. Offering replaceable parts is a first step in this direction. Sustainability lies at the forefront of our development: our production is completed based on renewable resources as well as the long service life of our products. For that reason, we go one step further: with the Go Green Product Line, we have developed a product line made of recyclable sugar cane. As pioneers of innovative skin care instruments and tools, we also want to actively and responsibly tackle pollution and do our best to prevent it in the long term. With this and other measures, we are gradually moving towards a green future - for the sake of the environment.

Credo Original Blades for Corn Cutter

The Credo Corn Cutter, the classic cutter from the house of Credo, eliminates even more severe corns gently and effectively due to its high-quality, sharp blade. For hygienic reasons, the blade should be replaced with Credo Corn Cutter Blades after every use. The original replacement blades are available in a practical 10-pack.

Credo Profi-Line Blades for Professional Corns Cutter

Sharp, sharper, Credo Profi-Line Blades: For podiatrists and pedicurists, Credo has developed blades with particularly high initial sharpness that glide evenly across and through solid calluses, removing them gently and effectively. After each application, the blades should be removed and replaced by the hygienically and individually packed Credo professional blades from the 100-pack.

Credo Safety Blades for the Corn Safety Plane

The usual perfect Credo results and a safe application: Because of the special encapsulation of the sharp blade of the Credo Safety Plane inserting and replacing the blades will be easy and safe. For hygienic reasons, the blade should be replaced after every use with the Credo Safety Plane.

Credo SmartCutter Replacement Blade Module

The SmartCutter Credo has once again revolutionized corn removal. The blade module, equipped with triple mini blades, removes corns precisely and effectively. For long-term hygienic application, the blade module can be easily disinfected with household disinfection sprays. If you notice a decrease in blade sharpness, you can easily replace the Credo SmartCutter blade module with the replacement blade module. For perfect results, just like using it for the first time.

Credo Replacement Rasp Surfaces for Flat Callus Rasp

For long-lasting top quality, these are the stainless steel replacement rasp surfaces for the Credo Flat Callus Rasp. In the set, there is a coarse and a fine side which can be easily replaced as required: Simply transfer the rasp clip via the recess on the side of the rasp surface bracket, carefully pushing upwards to and release. Then place the new rasp surface on the socket. Finished! Your Credo Flat Callus Rasp is ready for use again.

Credo Duosoft Spare Filing Surfaces, Coarse and Fine

Environmentally friendly, waterproof, interchangeable: The Credo Duosoft foot file is not only particularly effective for gentle aftercare after a treatment with a Credo Corn Remover and for gentle smoothing of the skin, but also durable and sustainable due to its interchangeable filing surfaces. Used filing surfaces can be carefully removed and new resistance-resistant glued to the file. The filing surfaces are waterproof and reliably fixed by the special adhesive. Available in a pack of 4 with 2 coarse and 2 fine filing surfaces, or in a box with 25 coarse or 25 fine filing surfaces.