The Credo Facial Care range offers safe and cleverly designed tools for removing unwanted or disturbing hairs on the face. Even hard-to-reach hairs in the ears and nose can be treated safely and accurately. Credo facial care scissors, for example, is ideal for trimming nose and ear hair thanks to its rounded, wide safety tip. Eyebrows and beard hair are also precisely cut. The credo nasal hair trimmer also ensures a fast and effective application: sharp blades reliably cut off small hairs without pulling. Another must-have: Credo cosmetic tweezers. The perfectly shaped tip of the tweezers grips even the smallest hairs easily and removes them without breaking off. For maximum well-being.

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The Credo Facial Care Product Line:

Clever Solutions for Facial Hair

All Credo facial care products are particularly high quality and durable. By means of permanent quality control, all Credo products are tested for functionality and improved with innovative ideas to always offer you the best tools. High value, durability, and a long service life are hallmark qualities of Credo product lines. Many products are finished with a matte-chromed finish or stainless finish making these ideal for customers with allergies.

Credo Facial Scissors

Credo facial care scissors with safety tip are perfectly suitable for clipping fine facial hairs. The scissors cut eyebrows or beard hair safely and efficiently. Even small hairs on hard-to-reach places such as ears and nose are reliably trimmed. Its ergonomic shape ensures consistent easy handling. Credo facial care scissors are made of stainless steel and therefore particularly durable and robust. The wide, rounded tip prevents accidental injury when shortening the hairs and makes scissor use safe and easy. Due to the rounded safety tips, the facial care scissors are also suitable for diabetics.

A Set of Credo Cosmetic Tweezers

Say goodbye to annoying hairs on your face: Credo Cosmetic tweezers grip every small hair easily thanks to the precise tip, without breaking off the hair. Ergonomic handles and the unique spring mechanism make plucking easier and provide for particularly easy and pleasant handling. All tweezers are tightly ground by hand and tested for perfect access. Depending on your needs we offer these in oblique tip, straight tip, curved tip or in pointed design. Credo tweezers are made of stainless steel. Available in a colorful POP ART design.

Credo Nose Hair Trimmer

A sophisticated tool for quick results: Credo nose hair trimmer cuts nose hairs in a targeted manner and without unpleasant plucking. Several sharp blades are made within a protected sheath behind a metal attachment. The application is therefore safe and painless. Thanks to the practical spring mechanism, the Credo nose hair trimmer is ready for use anywhere and anytime and fits into any bag due to its compact size. Since the nasal hair trimmer is mechanically driven, no batteries are needed, which makes it particularly sustainable.