Credo Pedicure

High Quality Foot Care for Stunningly Well-Groomed Feet

Treat yourself and your feet with Credo to an extra portion of care and convince yourself of the ultra-smooth result! The comprehensive Credo Pedicure product line includes all instruments for the care of the feet and toenails. Corns and rough spots are a thing of the past with and your tender, well-cared for skin has a great appearance: for a healthy feeling of well-being.

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The Credo Foot Care Product Line:

Our quality promise for your well-being

All instruments of the Credo Pedicure product line meet the highest quality standards, are individually tested and are particularly durable and sustainable. Blades, rasp and filing surfaces as well as grinding rollers can be easily replaced if required. Thus, your Credo Pedicure product remains a long-standing and faithful companion. All Credo spare parts for your pedicure product can be found here.

For many applications, this Credo product line includes nickel-free instruments which are especially suitable for allergy sufferers. Especially for the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders, Credo has created the unique Diabetics product line with rounded tips that protect against injury. Products Diabetics

For many applications, the Credo range includes nickel-free instruments suitable for allergy sufferers. Especially for the needs of diabetics and people with circulatory disorders, Credo has created the unique Diabetics product line with rounded tips that protect against injury. The innovative colourful handles of our POP ART and Apricot product lines ensure a cheerful splash of colour in your bathroom. In our unique quality controls, each item is individually inspected by hand to ensure you always the best quality.

Credo SmartCutter

The SmartCutter is the tip of evolution among the (mechanical) corn removers: at a lot of pressure it works like a plane – at low pressure like a file. The handle, specially designed by Credo, ensures safe use with its unique 3-fold mini blades made of stainless steel – it slides over the skin and therefore makes the application more safe than ever before. Comes with a practical collection container for hygienic and clean removal as well as a blade module that can be disinfected. The Credo SmartCutter - clean, safe, smart!

Credo Longitudinal and Safety Plane

Invented by Credo and further developed to perfection: the various corn planes stand for the highest quality and easy application. An integral part of the product line is the classic longitudinal plan with rasp clip. The Credo longitudinal plane removes even stronger corns in a gentle way. The enclosed rasp clip can be easily attached to the blade and the skin can be gently treated. The patented safety plane with encapsulated removal blade makes it possible to safely replace the blades. Available in a bright POP ART design and apricot.

Credo Callus Rasps and Corn Files

The Credo corns rasp and corns files remove corns gently and safely. The Credo ceramic rasps and flat rasps each have a coarse side for working thick corns and a fine side for gentle aftertreatment. The Credo flat rasp practically and cleanly removes skin residues in an integrated collecting bowl. The delicate fine-tuning is provided by the 2-sided Credo Duosoft foot file, whose filing surfaces are easy, safe and quick to replace, as well as our unique Credo Pedicure stone. The pedicure stone, made of foamed glass, is free of any microplastic, does not wear off quickly and is particularly hygienic and germ-free due to its inorganic cell structure.

Credo Nail Nippers and Skin Nippers

Sharp pliers for accurate application: Credo nail nippers effectively and effortlessly shorten even firm nails and thus prevent ingrown toenails. The Credo skin nippers remove protruding cuticles precisely and thoroughly. Thanks to a special spring mechanism, the pliers are particularly handy and smooth-running and perfectly adapted to your needs in these individual product variations: Classic high-gloss nickel-plated, anti-allergic stainless steel, matte-chrome or brightly colored in our colorful POP ART Design.

Credo Toenail Scissors

Exclusive design and sharp cutting ensure a powerful and precise cut – this is what makes the Credo toenail scissors effective. The 10.5 cm long ankle shears cut strong to hard nails evenly without much effort. The special spring mechanism and, ergonomic shape guarantee ease of use and handling. Nickel-plated is available in our colorful POP ART design, nickel-free matt chrome-plated for allergy sufferers and with a round safety tip which is also suitable for diabetics.

Credo Toenail Clippers

The little helper for on-the-go and when it’s urgent: The Credo toe nail reliably clip every hard foot-nail. The straight cut cutting edge makes it difficult for the toenail to roll in which efficiently prevents ingrown toenails. Due to their special shape, the clippers are ergonomic and safe to use for both right- and left-hand use. The blades of the colorful POP ART variant are made of stainless steel – Made in Solingen, Germany – corrosion-protected and anti-allergic. In addition, the POP ART nail clippers have a convenient collection container for hygienic pinching of the nails. For well-groomed toenails anywhere and anytime.